9a. Credit for other dependents Cat. No. 11364D Form 1040NR 2018 Page 2 continued Other Taxes Taxable income. Attach Form 8833 if required. See instructions. a Country b Tax treaty article c Number of months claimed in prior tax years d Amount of exempt income in current tax year e Total. Enter this amount on Form 1040NR line 22. Form 1040NR Go Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service beginning U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return For the year January 1 December 31 2018 or...
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Who needs Form 1040NR?

If you are a U.S. nonresident alien or a representative of the deceased U.S. nonresident you must file Form 1040NR. This is U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return designed for people who may be working as independent contractors or receiving dividends from US stocks.   

What is Form 1040NR for?

The primary aim of the Form 1040NR is to report the income earned by the nonresident alien from US sources. There are three types of income that must be reported on the Form 1040NR. First, these are earnings that an individual gets from the US business. Second type of the income refers to the business that isn’t connected with US. The last type of the reportable income is money exempt from US tax.

Is Form 1040NR accompanied by other forms?

Reporting taxes as a U.S. nonresident may be a complicated process where one single form isn’t enough to show individual’s financial status. You may also have to complete other forms including Form 8833, Form 8840, Form 8843, Form 8938.

When is Form 1040NR due?

For most nonresident aliens who have worked in US and received earnings that is subject to  income tax the due date for the Form 1040NR falls on the 15th day of the 4th month after tax year ends. This year it is the 18th of April.   

How do I fill out form 1040NR?

Compared to the tax return that US citizens file Form 1040NR is more complicated. It consists of five pages and one schedule. Generally it starts with filer’s personal information including name, contact info, filing status. There is a section for dependents if any, and the section for exemptions. Ther rest of the Form 1040NR is designed for different types of income and refund. There are detailed instructions to the form on the iRS website that will guide you through the filing process.

Where do I send Form 1040NR?

Form 1040NR may be both e-filed and mailed to the IRS. If you choose to e-file Form 1040NR check the IRS website how and where to send it. If you mail the form, the address differs based on what category of the nonresident aliens you belong to. There is a separate address for filers who enclose payment to the Form 1040NR. Check the full list of addresses on the iRS website.

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Welcome everyone to savvy alien it is tax season and we know that for knowledge in aliens everything is a bit just more complicated I'm going to show you today how to do your taxes using that 1040 and our easy form the first thing I want to make clear is that if you are non-resident alien you cannot eat file you cannot use software such as TurboTax and this is very important you have to fill out the forms and physically mail it to the IRS we're going to use four documents during this video you can download this forms yourselves you can just type in google the name of the form and usually it's the first thing that will appear just make sure that it's a form for 2015 the first form is 1040 NR EC on top of the form you can also see a link where you can download this form directly the second document are there instructions for the form 1040 NR EC the third document is formed 8843 and the last document and this you're gonna get from your employer is your form w-2 the first thing we need to do is determine if you're a resident alien or a non-resident alien this information is from the 2015 instructions and you can always come back to this document if you have any questions it is important to mention that there is a difference between immigration law and tax law this information right here is only for tax purposes and things are going to be different if you're a recent alien or if you are non raised in LA this is Austin affect in any way your immigration status so please consider that I have two tests that you have to do to see if you are non rezian or as an alien the first test is a green card test if you have a green card you'll be considered a US citizen for tax purposes so you can stop this video and go ahead and do a traditional tax return the second test is a substantial presence test you'll be consider u.s. resident if you meet this test you meet this test if you were physically in the United States for this 31 days during 2015 a hundred in three days during 2015 2014 and 2013 and you can use the following chart a you can see the years column B will write down the physical base you in the US and column C is a multiplying number you'll multiply these columns by column C and in D you'll get the number of days you'll add this number of days and if it's more than 183 you made this test and you will be considered US residents for tax purposes unless you are an exempt individual so this is important even if you meet this test there are exempt individuals and by exam we mean that you will not count those days the most common except individuals are over here if you were a teacher a trainee or a student under a J Q F or M visa you are an exempt individual and those days don't count therefore you are a non-resident alien for tax purposes if you're a teacher or a trainee with a J visa you'll be an exempt individual for the first two years if you are a student on an F or on a J visa you will be an exempt individual for the first five years if you are an...